Biomarker Validation
Biomarker Validation
In the discovery phase CAVΛDIS™ identified a panel of differentially expressed exosomal biomarkers. The predictive power of this panel for adverse cardiovascular events is confirmed in large validation studies.
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CAVΛDIS™ Biomarkers

Exosomes are serum based and can easily be isolated from stored frozen samples, allowing large-scale validation in existing patient cohorts. The predictive power of the recently discovered biomarkers is being assessed in primary and secondary prevention cohorts. The final set of markers will be developed as diagnostic or prognostic test.

CAVΛDIS™ biomarkers can also be used in drug development for patient stratification and as surrogate endpoints in clinical trials. For drug discovery advanced bioinformatics tools are being applied to assess the application of our biomarkers as therapeutic targets. Potential targets are explored in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.