The Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) is a public-private consortium dedicated to the development of "personalized" treatments for the main causes of mortality and morbidity (e.g. cardiovascular diseases). CAVΛDIS™ participates in two CTMM research projects: Circulating Cells and TRACER.
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The goal of CTMM is to apply quantitative and qualitative information obtained by Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Imaging to improve therapeutic action in so-called "evidence-based" therapy. A key role in evidence-based therapy is played by biological markers, or biomarkers.
Biomarkers work to improve the early diagnosis of human disorders, to give an individual prognosis of the stage and progression of a diagnosed disease, and to predict and monitor the effectivenes of an applied therapy. In the development of pharmaceuticals, their main impact will be on the prediction of adverse and toxic effects, and clinical efficacy of new chemical entities in the body. Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Imaging are geared to the (quantitative) detection of meaningful biomarkers.