ICIN, The Netherlands Heart Institute
ICIN, The Netherlands Heart Institute
The Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands (ICIN) is a unique collaboration between the cardiology departments of all eight university medical centres. Its mission is to conduct top quality research to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.
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Cardiology research platform

ICIN, The Netherlands Heart Institute was founded in 1972 by professor Dirk Durrer (1918-1984) a world-renowned scientist and one of the most prominent Dutch cardiologists. The aim of the institute is to share knowledge as well as infrastructure that will help researchers finding novel treatments for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.
ICIN facilitates basic scientific research and clinical studies. Both for clinical studies and translational research the collaboration proved essential. Through the ICIN platform clinical and translational studies are carried out faster and more efficient than by a single hospital.

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

ICIN is a research institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) through which ICIN receives € 1 million in public money annually. By using those funds as a catalyst, ICIN manages to raise an additional € 5 million.

ICIN offers a unique collaboration platform, making the Netherlands rank third in the world of cardiovascular research.