Market Potential
Market Potential
Immunoassays for cardiovascular biomarkers are expected to grow at an average growth rate of 23% to $4.5 billion in 2012. The cardiovascular segment will grow twice as fast as two other major segments cancer and infectious diseases, making it the leading category in 2012.
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Market Potential

The broad cardiovascular screening market is estimated to exceed $40 billion by 2012. The medical device market for cardiovascular risk monitoring is impressive with annual sales for cholesterol monitoring devices estimated at $12 billion while approximately 8 million blood pressure devices ($1.2 billion) are being sold annually.

In spite of major research efforts powerful biomarkers especially for preventing secondary cardiovascular events are scarce. Meeting this unmet medical need and tapping into the huge potential of the cardiovascular prevention market is CAVΛDIS™ main priority.

  • The cardiovascular segment will be the leading category for immunoassays by 2012.
  • CAVΛDIS™ main priority is to meet this unmet medical need and tap into the huge potential of the cardiovascular prevention market.