Our team
Our team
CAVΛDIS™ has an ambitious and business minded team. We have a strong background in cardiovascular biomarker discovery, medical and systems biology, diagnostics development and the business acumen to turn basic science into clinical products.
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Before joining Cavadis, Heico Breek held senior management positions in both Europe and the United States at Aventis Pharma as Vice-President Global Marketing for Aventis’ Arthritis and Bone Group. In 2001-2003 he was General Manager of Aventis AB in Sweden and in 2004-2008 he was Chief Commercial Officer of Tigenix NV, a Belgian biomedical company active in the field of Regenerative Medicine. He holds a Medical Degree from the VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit) and an executive MBA.
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Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) - Gerard Pasterkamp, MD, PhD, is a Professor and head of the Experimental Cardiology Laboratory at the UMCU. In addition to being a medical doctor, he has a degree in clinical epidemiology. He serves on many national and international academic boards and institutes. Gerard has a strong scientific track record in the field of arterial remodelling. In 2002 he envisioned the strategic power of a large scale atherosclerotic biobank (the Athero-Express) containing plaque and plasma samples and associated long-term follow up data.
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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Dominique de Kleijn, PhD, is a Professor of the Experimental Cardiology Laboratory at UMCU and co-initiator of the Athero-Express Biobank Studies. Dominique is project leader of the Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands (ICIN). As a molecular biologist with a BSc in chemistry he performed the proteomics studies of the Athero-Express. His research focus (>100 papers) is the role of the innate immune system in the response to injury during atherogenesis and after myocardial infarction.
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Our mission
CAVΛDIS™ is a Dutch biomedical company active in the field of cardiovascular risk assessment. The company's mission is to identify patients at risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. Our ultimate goal is to develop clinically meaningful risk stratification tools that will help personalize treatment and achieve better patient outcomes.
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